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Our Health Professionals

Chelsea Orthopaedics offers a wide range of specialists in the field of musculoskeletal medicine. Accessing quality care has just been made easier by using a single telephone number:

0800 6 34 34 35

Orthopaedic Surgeons

The surgeons in Chelsea Orthopaedics offer expertise in particular areas of the body.

The area and the specialist can be found by clicking the body area affected under the Parts of the body tab and in the pictogram of the body on each page.


Our specialists are experts in conditions affecting bones and joints. They also deal with the common problem of osteoporosis.

Sports Medicine Experts

Our sports medicine experts are particularly skilled at dealing with problems that arise in active and fit individuals, whatever age.

If you have a problem running, cycling, swimming or with any other sport, our experts are on hand to advise and treat your pain to help you return to activity.


We have a team of specialist radiologists that report our images. They also offer a range of ultrasound guided injection therapies to help with your pain.

General Physicians

Patients seldom have a single problem and we know that the benefit of having a general physician on the team means patient treatment is optimised to make us look even better! I have no idea what this means

Between us we have years of experience in our chosen field and are experts in these areas.

We can deal with any problem affecting bones, muscles, tendons and joints. We can help the fit and active patient who wants to stay active through specialist sport medicine and young soft tissue orthopaedics, as well as more sedentary patients who simply want to get rid of their pain and return to normal.

problem area

Select the part of the body you wish to read about.

Spine and Coccyx
Hip and Pelvis
Foot and Ankle


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